Recently, it was my Birthday. For a Post-Birthday Celebration (because my actual date of birth was on a week day so I just scrapped the day altogether and waited a few weeks to celebrate) we decided to go to Tampa for a two-night stay.

I had a few things I thought I might like to do with roughly 48hrs in Tampa and spend some time hanging out in a place that I've never really explored.
So I had a bit of a plan and things didn't so according to the schedule of that plan but the plans did pan out in a different order. I'm really only going to talk about one part of this experience, but I thought I would give some prologue.

We decided, well, I decided and my company wasn't averse to the idea- we went to the Hard Rock Casino Tampa to their Champagne Brunch Buffet. It had everything I required to be a good time. Casino-style Buffet, Bottomless Mimosas and a price tag that was slightly intimidating but not exorbitant- presenting a challenge to making certain to get your money's worth.

The pictures make up the whole of my food consumption for the morning but don't also show the three mimosas and complimentary Bloody Mary that I consumed as well. There was also some water because I'm not a total heathen.

I noted a theme while we were eating, though, that has always sorta been stirring at the back of my brain but just now is making its way into the forefront with a good metaphor.

There emerge two distinct types of people when approaching a daunting amount of food. I will describe them.


Bursts onto the scene in the atmosphere, sparkles super brightly for a while, then burns out. This was my breakfast companion this morning. He'd had a plate and a half of food before I'd eaten my first plate entirely. But then he hit the wall. For quite a while. He hit that wall while I got my Bloody Mary Customized, while I my second plate of food, while I ate my third plate of food he took another small bite and while I summed up my meal he had a small dessert. Burned bright at the start but ultimately had no flash.


This is Me. I came in, I stalked around the buffet to gather the lay of the land before I even got my first Mimosa. I had a plan.
First- a plate of veggies.
Second- a plate of meats and carbs
Third- more savory dishes if I felt them necessary or desirable
Fourth- sweet breakfast foods, dessert, etc.
Fifth- fruit and cheese to promote satiety and round out the meal.
General Plan- slowly consume the alcohol, but steadily.

I had a plan, I stuck to it. I didn't let shiny things in the corners distract me. I ran my course, I made the stops I was supposed to make- even though my flame was strong it didn't go out. This is a marathon, people, not a sprint. When I get to the end of my long journey, there's a celebration and I get to walk away (waddle) with my head held high.

So I'm the Olympic Torch, my partner the Meteor. After I was through I remarked to several people via text that "someone needs to roll my Blueberry butt out of the chocolate factory" and that was true. There was about an hour of the Buffet Sweats on the way back to our hotel, I admit. But I got through that and most of it was because it was like 85 degrees outside and 100% humidity and I was wearing skinny jeans and heeled booties.

Maybe one day you'll be faced with amazing amounts of food and need to decide which of these two types you will be. There's nothing wrong with either. But you have to decide going in in order to get the most out of your "there's SO much Food" experience.

Clockwise from Top Left: First plate of veggies; Second plate of meat
and carbs; Third Plate of heavy dessert; Fourth Plate of fruit and cheeses.

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