NTTR Week 2

Week Two's Update of the Nose to the Rhinestone Challenge (see THIS POST if you have zero clues what I am talking about) brings a lot of issues. I'm admittedly struggling because I'm used to spending nearly weeks without addressing anything creative, and then plunging in and putting in 40hours like a full-time job.

Just trying to do 30mins a day is ridiculously stressful. 

I'm more likely to want to do 8hrs one day and not again for a few days than this consistency. Trying to carve out 30mins in every day is not easy, finding a way to rearrange my entire schedule so that I can find five or six hours at a stretch is super easy.

I like to think I don't spend any time outside of my house, but trying to find 30mins to sit down and get these things done shows me that I'm out of the house a LOT more often than I realise. I'm frequently in places where I can't craft or produce creative things. And I'm generally ok with that. Consistency has never been my Prime Objective. Except, maybe it should be.

I am definitely learning from this experience, and I've two more weeks to go.

Powerful Woman

I read This Article the other day... I've sat with it for a little while now. I've decided to write a response.

I am sitting here at 33 years old (My Birthday is in 2 Months and 8 Days if you must know) and I feel both ancient and so very young.
Ancient because I have been doing this, THIS thing we call "Living" for 33 years. I've been conscious of it, and making memories of it, for about 30 of those years.
So VERY young because people in my family tend to live long, long lives. My maternal grandfather died of lung cancer, but he was nearly 80 when it happened. Even my paternal grandmother, who was taken abruptly by ovarian cancer, was 80 when she died. Long, long lives indeed.

By the precedent set up in my family, I am liable to be here for at LEAST 45-48 more years. As people keep getting older (my surviving blood grandparents are 82 and 80 and enjoying healthy lives right now) that average goes up. Barring an accident or catastrophic illness, I have a LOT of life ahead of me.

And I despair of that sometimes. Sometimes I sit around like the end of Interview with the Vampire (couldn't find an appropriate picture) Magenta from Rocky Horror and just lament how much longer I am likely to be around. Because hot dang if 33 doesn't feel like it is just an eternity most days.

But, if I truly sit down and take the time to stop being so dramatic I realise the following things:

-As I get older I feel more powerful. Not just in that way that becoming an Adult makes you feel more powerful. I feel as though I am becoming more "Me," more "Rhiannon Martin" as I get older.
Like previous to being about 25 anyone could've called themselves "Rhiannon" and you would've had to belive them because honestly, who the actual crap was she?
Now there's no denying who Rhiannon Martin is and that there's absolutely only one of me. I am galvanized, and that is powerful.
I feel more powerful.
-As I get older I feel more beautiful.
Yeah I'm totally pissed off that my hair started going gray at age 30. But not BECAUSE it started going gray, more because I would rather wake up one morning to gorgeous, flowing gray locks (Emmylou Harris anyone?) than spend 30 years slowly turning awesome.


-I am angry that media and popular culture tell women that we lose our desirability as we get older. This is not at ALL what I have discovered in my life. I've found myself more attractive to everyone for every reason. Sexually, as a friend, as a nurturer, as a help in times of trouble, as the cause of someone's troubles. I've found that people want me MORE the older I get. And I want to have older women around more as I get older, too.

I don't necessarily believe that every bad thing stems from the patriarchy, I don't want to blame "patriarcal tendancies" on the reasons why we treat aging women this way. I instead choose to think of it as a failing of sinful hearts and minds in a world that looks out for #1 almost exclusively.

Obviously you wouldn't want a woman to know how powerful she is if she might diminish you? Right? I mean... right? We've been led to believe this anyway. I don't think it is true. I don't think that the more powerful I feel, the more I need to rob someone else of her power.

This is honestly going to end up being an unfinished tangent. I could either stop here, with a final paragraph, or write a manifesto I'm not interested in composing at the moment. So I'll sum up.

It is absolutely true that I feel more powerful as I get older- in every aspect of my life. It is also true that I hate feeling vague suppressed by the general culture at hand. BUT, a third truth is that I am taking it all in stride and not letting anything get in the way of my general awesomeness. As long as I AM powerful (and I am) I can FEEL powerful.

Can we talk about Emmylous Harris again for a moment and say that this song is ALL about me?

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Another Unarchived Post that was originally not available to the at-large public. I am making it available now.


So I went with my friend to a Lee Harris Energy Tune-Up. I'll Bullet Point some things to get the story across.

-I am a massive skeptic of people who feel like the world won't accept their message from their mind and their mind alone. Therefore I went into this experience with a large reserve of my own judgement for Lee and his "channeling." I don't understand why a person feels like no one would accept their message if the wisdom was just in their own heads and why they feel like people will accept it if they say "hey, beings from another plane told me this."
-However, I ALSO understand that people EAT THAT JUNK UP. So maybe it is something that happens as a savvy business person where you say, "I have wisdom, they want wisdom. I have the ability to tell the story they want to hear, I'll just tell them that story."
-Hell, for all I know there ARE beings from another plane telling him this stuff. I am not a one-way skeptic.

-I firmly believe that one person can learn something from any other person.
-Even if what you learn from that person is how NOT to do a thing.

-Lee Harris said something that caused me to have a major mind explosion of thought and feelings on the subject he mentioned.
-I didn't even have to be annoyed at how it came through because he wasn't "channeling" when he said it but rather using an Intuitive approach to reading audience questions and answering. I can get into Intuitive reading, it isn't Hot or Cold reading but rather the person kind based on reception to what the person  is doing as you speak to them. I know that's a thing. Verbal and non-verbal cues, etc.- are real things I can pinpoint.

-I made a video of my responsive thoughts and feelings based on what Lee said. It ended up being a 13min video almost. I've been meaning to post things like this for years, people say they enjoy listening to me just express myself about things that come up in my head and I've ALWAYS enjoyed writing about stuff. But sometimes I just have a block. So I thought I would try speaking about it.

This is an Unarchived Post that wasn't previously available to the public. I am making it available to you now.

(Forewarned is forearmed) I believe in God but you can absolutely 100% read and understand this with no concept of the Christian God, or any god, as a reality…

You know those times when you have heard something so many times it stopped being meaningful or making sense and then all of a sudden, you have a breakthrough?

*cue that time right now*

Throughout my life, I've heard the Bible verse, Matthew 6:25-34 preached to me over and over again. You can read it at the bottom of this, I copied it for your ease of finding.
People have preached or taught to me over and over again that we SHOULDN'T be afraid and we SHOULDN'T worry, and that being anxious is not what God wants for us. Over and over again I've heard this to the point that I've kinda grown hard to it.
Because I know that if God really didn't want me to be anxious or fearful and if he's really All Powerful, then he could just take it away. Miraculously.
So yeah yeah, God wants me to trust him and he wants me to not be afraid. Ok, cool.

Well, this weekend I was at a Women's Ministry Retreat that I go to every year and I saw that this passage was the focus for the weekend and I just sorta started to roll my eyes and got into a mindset of "well here we go again."
But I know the speaker personally, and she's a wonderful person, and I wanted to trust that she knew what she was doing by bringing this up again.
So I decided I would actually listen instead of just glossing over the whole thing and going home while pretending it was pleasant.

And she said something I'd never heard before. She finally said something that sounds more reasonable to me as an explanation for why this was written down- than anyone has ever explained it before.
She told us that we are absolutely, 100% allowed to feel fear. That fear was created to be felt by us and isn't inherently bad. That fear can help us do miraculous things in extraordinary settings and that a measure of anxiety can give us awareness of our situation to prevent and help us prepare for certain things.

But that we're not to live in fear, because every single day we're given by God exactly the things we need to get through that day. We're not given them before that day, and possibly the same things that we were given today will not work tomorrow. But every day we are given exactly what we need to get through the day.
Because at the end of the day, as long as we're alive, we've had everything we need. And if we're dead, well, everyone dies. God makes no one immortal.

We are to only think about the things that are right in front of us, we are only to think about "What am I dealing with today and just today?" We are only meant to be waiting on the day in front of us. Because God gives us everything we need to equip ourselves for every day on its own. All we have to do are the things given to us to do (keep an appointment we made, go to work, avail ourselves of modern medicine if we are infirm, eat our food, give change to a homeless person we see, breathe the air, go to sleep) each day and the rest of it is not our concern. Our concern is not what the homeless man does with our change or what the doctor will say in six months when we return, or what we're going to eat next week when everyone has to be someplace different at dinner time… just exactly what is happening today.

Essentially the things she said over two days come down to this quote that she gave us at the end of our booklets…

"... a large part of faith ... consists of just refusing anxious thoughts .. . refusing to think about worrying things, refusing to think of the future in that wrong sense. The devil and all adverse circumstances will do their utmost to make me do so, but having faith means that I shall say: ‘No; I refuse to be worried. I have done my reasonable service; I have done what I believed to be right and legitimate, and beyond that I will not think at all.’ That is faith, and it is particularly true with regard to the future. When the devil comes with his insinuations, injecting them into you—all the fiery darts of the evil one—say, ‘No; I am not interested. The God whom I am trusting for today, I will trust for tomorrow. I refuse to listen; I will not think your thoughts.’ Faith is refusing to be burdened because we have cast our burden upon the Lord. May He, in His infinite grace, give us wisdom and grace to implement these simple principles and thereby rejoice in Him day by day."
 (D. Martyn Lloyd Jones)

So, and now especially when I've spent so much time railing endlessly  about my troubles. About medical insurance, about steady and gainful employment, about relationship anxieties and on and on and on…
Sufficient for today are the troubles for today. Tomorrow's troubles can wait until tomorrow. What do I need to do today? Today I need to sleep. Tomorrow I need to make a plan but I don't need to anticipate that plan tonight, I don't have everything I need to make it tonight. I'll get everything I need in the morning.

I am only equipped to deal with the things in front of me today. No amount of anxiety will change the future. The future will come and when it is the present, I will be uniquely equipped to handle it that day.

Matthew 6- 25 “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? 26 Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? 27 Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?
28 “And why do you worry about clothes? See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. 29 Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these. 30 If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe you—you of little faith? 31 So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ 32 For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. 33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. 34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.
I am introducing a new series based around small thoughts I have that I feel like sharing. Hence- Thought Bites. Not exactly a Sound Bite, but about the same size.

Why is it that when we're growing up, no matter who teaches us how to make the bed (mom, dad, aunt, grandparents, whomever) no one who TEACHES us, knows how to do it like we later find out how to do it on our own?

I learned how to make my bed from my mom, and she taught me to do a good job. She taught me that the easiest way to put on a fitted sheet is diagonal corners at a time, she taught me how to put a pillow case on the bed, stuff like that. But I'm later coming to find out that she didn't teach me to make the bed like SHE makes a bed.

As an adult, on my own, I've learned how to:

-Put the pillow tag down into the pillow case so it doesn't hang out, or crap, how to remove the tag if you really want to.
-Make hospital corners on the flat sheet (I learned that one for a Stage Play where I had to make up an actual hospital bed for every show.)

-Put the printed side of the flat sheet facing down so that when you open the sheets, both printed sides are together and it looks nicer when folded back. (See Photo)
-Put the open ends of the pillow cases facing in toward the center of the bed so they don't hang all over the place.

Who even KNEW?

Now don't get fooled by this picture and don't get me wrong, I usually just sleep in a nest of blankets and a fitted sheet but sometimes I make the bed. I'm currently trying out bed making on a regular basis on a new Queen Mattress Set and new Bed in a Bag from Wal-Mart. So far, it is glorious but who knows how long that will last. :)

But there's my thoughts on that.

(Lightly Edited from a Rare Public Facebook Post)

She didn't convert me, but I'm going to do something I never thought I would do. Use positive adjectives regarding Lady Gaga. Seriously positive adjectives.

I usually have zero truck with Lady Gaga. She and I exist in the same universe and go about our business on neutral or wtf terms...

YA'LL... What was this amazingness?

She live sang I would say 90% of that 13mins. Live sang it and stayed on pitch, in tune, and in her range. She didn't get super winded and proved without equivocation that she's massively talented.

Gaga has been on the "No Makeup" Bandwagon (also known as the thing I do nearly every day) but obviously stage makeup for the Super Bowl. But this was totally understated by her standards and she even got further minimal as it went along. Her hair was styled but not anything like what she's done in the past.

Her body was just the realest. And since she pretty much has my body (except I want her skin and, let's face it, her boobs) it was nice to see it all out there. Thin with a couple of tummy rolls and thick thighs... yeah. She even had backup dude carrying her around, she's just hanging out there. Not a Spanx in sight.

And EVEN THOUGH some of the technical aspects made me sad in a really real way (that wire work was terrrrrrrible you guys) let me reiterate:
-She was talented and understated (for her, anyway)
-She was clothed and for the most part not provocative. She was evocative.
-She was a REAL human being playing a role, not a role playing a human being as I've called her in the past.
-She was not inappropriate, she was not divisive. She made Art, and even if it was palatable Art, for a minute we could all breathe and look around and say "wow... look at that."

Let's just not get me started about the Falcons though. This isn't that kind of blog. *anger, rage*
Further expansion on these thoughts below the video...


Ok just a little further expansion because leaving with no paragraph seems bare.

I really intend to do this. People are going to get left behind, projects will be changed and directions will be overhauled.

If you want to come with me, do. If you don't, get out of my way.

Meaningful 2017

Little bit of a deviation here, I'll tell a personal story from my *gasp* Teenage Years!!

When I was in 4th grade, I stopped being able to see the blackboard at school. Between 4th and 5th grade, I got some pretty daggum thick glasses. It didn't really ding my confidence in myself, because I could see again, but they were UGLY, ugly clear, plastic, giant glasses (thanks mom!) and I started to realise that around about 8th grade.

My mom let me get gold-framed, smaller lens, glasses sometime in 8th grade and while I went about my business transitioning to high school still fairly confident in myself- the glasses were starting to hurt my friendships.

Peers outright made comments about them. I found out the boy I really liked said he would never ask me out if I had disgusting glasses. My life became one huge contentious piece of cow turd because of my glasses. I literally could not get further in life socially because of them.

Somewhere around the time I was 13-14, some of the kids at my Youth Group (yes, a church-related organization) stole my purse. In my purse, I had some things that a 13 year old Me thought she needed, but they were admittedly weird out of context. But here's a small list and quick explanation:
-Like 50 Chick-Fil-A Salt Packets (school cafeteria didn't have any salt and I am ADDICTED to salt, less so twenty years later than I was then but… yeah, addict. Me.)
-A Photocopied picture of the boy I had a crush on. (I'd taken it down off of a bulletin board in the Sunday School Room and slapped it on the Xerox machine in the church hallway. I just wanted a picture of him.)
-Some cheap, Avon Jewelry (My Sunday School teacher at the time sold Avon and she would give me catalogs and I would use my allowance to order things.)

When my purse was returned to me, DAYS later, the following things had taken place:
-All of the jewelry boxes had been opened, rifled through and dumped unceremoniously back into my purse.
-The salt packets had all been thrown away.
-The photocopied picture had been dirtied, creased, and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEPEOPLE WHO TOOK MY PURSE had signed their full name and written some nasty comment. 8 signatures and nasty comments ranging from "What's up with the salt, weirdo?" "Nice Glasses" and "Stalker" to "We're going to tell him about this." No one was punished for this, they were "spoken to" about it.

That Memorial Day (not too long after the Purse Theft) I decided to try not wearing my glasses. I claimed they were broken. I was spending time at a Youth Group Function and I walked right into a screen door because I couldn't see that it was closed. Those same people mocked me and brought up the Purse Theft again.

It wasn't as if I sat around all day wishing for Laser Surgery or contacts or better glasses. I wore my gold rimmed glasses and openly scorned anyone who talked poorly about me. I went scorched Earth on everyone. Come at me with a Level 1 Insult about my glasses? I fired back at Level 10. I made sure that if I didn't have any friend because of my glasses, it was because my glasses had turned me into a huge and unwieldy bitch.

15th Birthday, I get a Birthday Card written on Lisa Frank Sationary (hoo buddy we're old) from one of the girls who participated in the Purse Theft. She's an "Abercrombie Girl" and was known for not being able to make an overnight trip without the largest suitcase known to man.
Excerpts from this note that I can't remember in detail include outright lies about how much she loved spending time with me (we never did outside of large group functions and within those had never had a conversation) and how glad she was that we were friends (we were barely acquaintances.)
Excerpts that I CAN remember from the note were, as follows, "You are so pretty without your glasses. I would love to do your make up and get you some contacts."

Apparently even on my Birthday I needed to be reminded that I am not good enough the way I am. I need to be changed before anyone will like me.

I stopped hanging out with those people very much, as people graduated high school and moved away, the Youth Group was no longer a thing.

Fast Forward to my 17th year of life. In the summer between my Junior and Senior year of high school, I got contacts. NO MORE GLASSES!! I went back to the way I remembered my face looking before I had all the hideous string of clear plastic and gold, metal round frames across my face.

I showed up to school for Open House and almost literally no one recognized me. To continue with a theme- this was me walking into my SECOND year of Chorus/Drama with the same people as last year… it'd only been two months.

AND I'D LOVE to say that my life changed from then on… that I was suddenly popular and had lots of friends etc, etc… but no.
I still had just the same friends I'd had before. I still sat at the end of the Special Education Class lunch table (honestly ya'll, they used to yell at us when THEIR friends wanted to sit with them. The Special Education Class, who really didn't know how to be purposefully mean most of them… would pull a "you can't sit with us" on me at school) and I still was accused of turning in the class drug dealer, or maybe THAT one was me.

So, Moral of the Story: An outer transformation doesn't always earn you the adoration of Freddie Prinze Jr, but honestly, have you seen FPJr lately? He's still KINDA fly but mostly just Dad Fly and so… SMG can have him.

Now, let's dance!!

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