I've been away from posting anything here for a while but I can give you a concise and clear answer as to why...

I've been trying to write a new About Me section and it is causing me to tear hair out of my head in chunks (metaphorically, obviously, thankfully.)

Because I realise some people actually want to know ABOUT Me, and some people just want the gist of the thing, to find something About Me that they're looking for. So I'm trying to accommodate both those instances of ME, ya know?

So I popped by to say "never fear, I'm still here" and also to say "hopefully I will get this mess sorted soon and have a new section to my site with more info and awesomeness.

Just be patient, deal? Deal!!

The first time I heard the phrase "Half a Bubble off of Plumb" I heard it from my VERY Southern Literature teacher in high school and through her accent I heard "Half a bubble off a plum."

I spent a long time wondering what bubbles and plums had to do with one another. Not because I didn't know about Levels or Plumb lines… just because I had no idea how to interpret what I was certain I'd heard.

Until one day, years later, while building a Stage Set for my Theatre Degree. I was laying a plumb line with a chalker and a level and I actually said out loud "It's about half a bubble that way" and then gasped because I suddenly understood.

I'm pretty sure I stood up, laughing at myself and said "Half a bubble off OF plumb… not half a bubble off A plum…" and everyone looked at me funny.

Head back to Part 1 right here: How I Pray and Why

So, from the last part of this we gather that I:
-Am Protestant Christian
-Pray more often than just to bless food or when I want something from God
-Still fall back on being selfish sometimes
-Have a few weird but serious hang ups about Formal Corporate Prayer, that I'm not going to talk about
Moving forward…

I have plenty of friends who do not identify as Protestant Christians. In my life I have had Catholic friends, Jewish friends, Buddhist and Hindu Friends, Muslim Friends, Coptic Christian Friends, Friends who identify themselves as Wiccan, Pagan, Atheist, "Spiritual but not Religious" and members of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster… I've known lots of people and hope to continue to do so for my lifetime.

A lot of my friends don't directly pray. A lot of my friends even if they don't share my religion, DO pray. But I'm not trying to exclude anyone that I know from doing their level best to help me when I need it.

And I truly, 100% believe in the power of people's positivity and good intentions to influence situations for the better. Even if my friend is not directly involved in the situation, even if my friend is not aware of the exact nature of the situation… I believe that just having someone in my corner is enough to make good things happen. Just knowing that I have a network of people who are willing to take literally just a couple of seconds to move air with my name in it in a positive fashion is enough sometimes to get me over hurdles or just to get me moving past hang ups I have in my life that I wouldn't manage well without this little bit of knowing.

Even just the idea that people SAY they'll do it (cause I know words sometimes grow hollow) is often enough. Even though I firmly believe that actual prayer and people's good intentions have tangible influence on the world, I also believe that the act of even setting your thoughts positively toward something for a moment, ends up making you a more positive person over all. So while their promise to pray or send good vibes or whatever may never come to fruition, if they sincerely meant it when they said it (like slapping a Band-Aid on a paper cut) it worked.

Anyway, all of this rambling was just to say that I frequently ask for any sort of positive intentions toward my life that I can get. And I frequently respond to people's requests for the same, with positive intentions or prayers of my own.

But really this entire Two-Part Post was just to slip a little personal history of religion in there. So, what? :)

Part 1: How I Pray and Why

I identify myself as a Protestant Christian. I was raised that way, even if imperfectly and I try to live that way, very imperfectly but trying. So I pray. I can't say if I pray more, or less or on average the same as other identifying Christians, I'm probably my own unique level of praying in my own unique journey through life.

I don't necessarily formally pray a lot. There's a whole huge backstory to that, that includes a LOT of formal prayer and a lot of emotional and spiritual breakage… there's no need to go into that right now. Suffice it to say that I don't "come before the Lord in prayer" a lot and outside of a Church Service Setting, that phrase makes me anxious. For personal reasons, solely.

I do, however, pray "formal prayers" in an informal setting. Prayers that start with "Dear God…" and end in "In Jesus' Name, Amen" are my idea of serious, formal prayer. Prayers at meal times that go beyond just a blessing of the food, prayers when people are ill or hurting or when tragedies happen.
The love of my life and I pray together formally before one of us travels away from the other.

When I was younger, ok I'll admit it, in high school… *coughtwentyyearsago* I had a "Prayer Notebook" where someone told me to write ACTS prayers. For those of you not in the Sunday School Know (eesh) ACTS Prayers are prayers that follow the structure of:
Adoration and Praise- "You are a holy and loving God and I acknowledge your sovereignty" etc etc…
Confession- "I confess that I am a sinner" (we all know that one)
Thanks- "Thank you for everything that you've done for me this past day…" (it was hard sometimes to be thankful daily, it was a lot of repetition)
Supplication- "Lord I just ask…" (this is where you get to ask for things, not until the end so you don't seem greedy or ungrateful)
That lasted off and on for a semester because it probably took me the whole 15mins of Home Room to think up a one page notebook paper prayer so it was a good way to waste time, that I felt was helping me spiritually. I know… I know.

So now I'm an adult and my "prayer life" has been shaped by all of these things. I've learned in my life about things called Popcorn Prayers (throw up a tiny prayer in the midst of something else) and I've learned about not letting your prayers be in vain (another entire sermon series I could give from rote memory)  and so many other things.
But I've found a rhythm that works for me, works for my relationship with God as I see it… and has gotten me the spiritual results that one who identifies as a Protestant Christian can expect to see from prayer, in some small measure.

Now I pray when I have the inclination. For whatever reason, in whatever situation and not super formally at all.
Riding in the car, "God please help me make it through this day because I know you're the absolute source of everything I will need to make it and I am fully acknowledging that you have put inside of me everything that I need for today so long as I am willing to trust you that it is there."
Wracked with emotion when I can't find the words beyond "pleasegodpleasegodpleasegodpleasegod."
Completely thankful for everything in the world "Thank you God that you woke me up today to see another beautiful day and that I am breathing and alive and able to partake of this wonderful creation around me."

Sometimes I still selfish pray, I mean, we're all only human. But in general, this is my prayer life as it stands, 33 (almost 34) years into my trips around the sun.

Carry on to Part 2 here, whenever I get around to posting it.
NTTR Week 2

Week Two's Update of the Nose to the Rhinestone Challenge brings a lot of issues. I'm admittedly struggling because I'm used to spending nearly weeks without addressing anything creative, and then plunging in and putting in 40hours like a full-time job.

Just trying to do 30mins a day is ridiculously stressful. 

I'm more likely to want to do 8hrs one day and not again for a few days than this consistency. Trying to carve out 30mins in every day is not easy, finding a way to rearrange my entire schedule so that I can find five or six hours at a stretch is super easy.

I like to think I don't spend any time outside of my house, but trying to find 30mins to sit down and get these things done shows me that I'm out of the house a LOT more often than I realise. I'm frequently in places where I can't craft or produce creative things. And I'm generally ok with that. Consistency has never been my Prime Objective. Except, maybe it should be.

I am definitely learning from this experience, and I've two more weeks to go.

Powerful Woman

I read This Article the other day... I've sat with it for a little while now. I've decided to write a response.

I am sitting here at 33 years old (My Birthday is in 2 Months and 8 Days if you must know) and I feel both ancient and so very young.
Ancient because I have been doing this, THIS thing we call "Living" for 33 years. I've been conscious of it, and making memories of it, for about 30 of those years.
So VERY young because people in my family tend to live long, long lives. My maternal grandfather died of lung cancer, but he was nearly 80 when it happened. Even my paternal grandmother, who was taken abruptly by ovarian cancer, was 80 when she died. Long, long lives indeed.

By the precedent set up in my family, I am liable to be here for at LEAST 45-48 more years. As people keep getting older (my surviving blood grandparents are 82 and 80 and enjoying healthy lives right now) that average goes up. Barring an accident or catastrophic illness, I have a LOT of life ahead of me.

And I despair of that sometimes. Sometimes I sit around like the end of Interview with the Vampire (couldn't find an appropriate picture) Magenta from Rocky Horror and just lament how much longer I am likely to be around. Because hot dang if 33 doesn't feel like it is just an eternity most days.


But, if I truly sit down and take the time to stop being so dramatic I realise the following things:

-As I get older I feel more powerful. Not just in that way that becoming an Adult makes you feel more powerful. I feel as though I am becoming more "Me," more "Rhiannon Martin" as I get older.
Like previous to being about 25 anyone could've called themselves "Rhiannon" and you would've had to belive them because honestly, who the actual crap was she?
Now there's no denying who Rhiannon Martin is and that there's absolutely only one of me. I am galvanized, and that is powerful.
I feel more powerful.
-As I get older I feel more beautiful.
Yeah I'm totally pissed off that my hair started going gray at age 30. But not BECAUSE it started going gray, more because I would rather wake up one morning to gorgeous, flowing gray locks (Emmylou Harris anyone?) than spend 30 years slowly turning awesome.


-I am angry that media and popular culture tell women that we lose our desirability as we get older. This is not at ALL what I have discovered in my life. I've found myself more attractive to everyone for every reason. Sexually, as a friend, as a nurturer, as a help in times of trouble, as the cause of someone's troubles. I've found that people want me MORE the older I get. And I want to have older women around more as I get older, too.

I don't necessarily believe that every bad thing stems from the patriarchy, I don't want to blame "patriarcal tendancies" on the reasons why we treat aging women this way. I instead choose to think of it as a failing of sinful hearts and minds in a world that looks out for #1 almost exclusively.

Obviously you wouldn't want a woman to know how powerful she is if she might diminish you? Right? I mean... right? We've been led to believe this anyway. I don't think it is true. I don't think that the more powerful I feel, the more I need to rob someone else of her power.

This is honestly going to end up being an unfinished tangent. I could either stop here, with a final paragraph, or write a manifesto I'm not interested in composing at the moment. So I'll sum up.

It is absolutely true that I feel more powerful as I get older- in every aspect of my life. It is also true that I hate feeling vague suppressed by the general culture at hand. BUT, a third truth is that I am taking it all in stride and not letting anything get in the way of my general awesomeness. As long as I AM powerful (and I am) I can FEEL powerful.

Can we talk about Emmylous Harris again for a moment and say that this song is ALL about me?

As the first week of the Nose to the Rhinestone Challenge of 2017 comes to an end, I'll point you from this Muggle Page of mine over to where sparkles grow and carpet tape has new uses never before thought up outside of the Burlesque World.

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Another Unarchived Post that was originally not available to the at-large public. I am making it available now.


So I went with my friend to a Lee Harris Energy Tune-Up. I'll Bullet Point some things to get the story across.

-I am a massive skeptic of people who feel like the world won't accept their message from their mind and their mind alone. Therefore I went into this experience with a large reserve of my own judgement for Lee and his "channeling." I don't understand why a person feels like no one would accept their message if the wisdom was just in their own heads and why they feel like people will accept it if they say "hey, beings from another plane told me this."
-However, I ALSO understand that people EAT THAT JUNK UP. So maybe it is something that happens as a savvy business person where you say, "I have wisdom, they want wisdom. I have the ability to tell the story they want to hear, I'll just tell them that story."
-Hell, for all I know there ARE beings from another plane telling him this stuff. I am not a one-way skeptic.

-I firmly believe that one person can learn something from any other person.
-Even if what you learn from that person is how NOT to do a thing.

-Lee Harris said something that caused me to have a major mind explosion of thought and feelings on the subject he mentioned.
-I didn't even have to be annoyed at how it came through because he wasn't "channeling" when he said it but rather using an Intuitive approach to reading audience questions and answering. I can get into Intuitive reading, it isn't Hot or Cold reading but rather the person kind based on reception to what the person  is doing as you speak to them. I know that's a thing. Verbal and non-verbal cues, etc.- are real things I can pinpoint.

-I made a video of my responsive thoughts and feelings based on what Lee said. It ended up being a 13min video almost. I've been meaning to post things like this for years, people say they enjoy listening to me just express myself about things that come up in my head and I've ALWAYS enjoyed writing about stuff. But sometimes I just have a block. So I thought I would try speaking about it.

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