(I wrote this at night, I'm posting it in the daytime because it is more convenient. I do NOT day drink on regular weekdays. Only on fun weekdays) There are no pictures for this right now, maybe I'll update with added pictures soon!!

I just made myself a vodka and orange juice in a small IKEA tumbler. I have a weird thing for these tumblers and they're not mine. They're part of the "Roommate Kitchenware Shuffle" and I'm going to miss these damn things when I'm no longer a part of this Roommate shuffle.

There are six of them. They have little geometric patterns on them: two have black and white bars, two have black & white concentric circles and two have black & white layered squares.

I would seriously consider, I am seriously considering right now, offering the Owner Roommate like $15 on the way out the door (their way out or ours, whatever happens first) for these tumblers.
Nearly every morning we have our orange juice in them. If we have cocktails, they are perfect cocktail size. If I want to drink a random glass of almond milk in the middle of the night… perfect. And while I am sure IKEA currently makes comparable tumblers, I am for some reason obsessed with these.

They make me so happy. I love serving two little cute matching glasses of orange juice or vodka tonic or half a beer when we're feeling like lame old people.

I'm gonna have to start breaking up with these glasses just in case I can't buy them away from their owner but… I don't wanna!!
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