A Little Skittish of Lakes (Summer 2017 Chronicles Pt 2)

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My gorgeous Boyfriend and I went to visit his family in Eagle River, Wisconsin this 4th of July Week. Likely several Blog Posts about this trip will happen. This is the first.

Down here in the Southeast we have so many freaking venomous snakes. Copperheads, Moccasins, Rattlesnakes even in some places. And they're all over, there's no safe space. They're in our gardens, back yards, garages, fields, forests, and ALL of our bodies of water. There are also SOOOOOO many nonvenomous snakes. I see snakes more often than I'd ever wish to if I go outside. Even just the tiny, ropey green garden snakes. Too many of them. And since we have practically perpetual summer, they don't often hibernate or go away.

We're constantly reminded to watch the ground while we walk, we're told not to walk barefoot in the woods, we're told if we see a baby snake to get the hell out. We're told not to kill the snakes, just get the hell out.

The news frequently reports about people being snakebit. It's just… a thing.

The most frequent place to see snakes is in all of our bodies of water. So from the time we're little we're told that while we're swimming we have to be very careful. Don't play in the creeks, watch out for water moccasins, look out for water moccasins… blah blah blah.
Even when we go to the big, highly trafficked lakes and such… you'll see people out on a boat screaming up to shore and pointing "snake" when they see one.

Needless to say, this is not a similar problem Up North. No venomous snakes up around there for the most part.

But my man and I are ruined. Neither of us can spend a long time in a lake. About 15-20mins at a stretch and I start to feel uncomfortable, scanning the top of the water for movement. I have to get out and take a breather. Now I'm responsible for watching out for myself, not my parents.

He said he felt the same way. So even though we had this supposedly safe lake to be in all week long, we only spent small stretches in it at a time. And when a piece of grass or weed touched my butt… I still flipped out a little inside. And a little outside as well.
Just makes me crawly even thinking about it.

We’ve just been ruined, I guess.

I still did this, though.

Open up those shoulders.
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