Thoughts on Super Bowl 51 Halftime Show...

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(Lightly Edited from a Rare Public Facebook Post)

She didn't convert me, but I'm going to do something I never thought I would do. Use positive adjectives regarding Lady Gaga. Seriously positive adjectives.

I usually have zero truck with Lady Gaga. She and I exist in the same universe and go about our business on neutral or wtf terms...

YA'LL... What was this amazingness?

She live sang I would say 90% of that 13mins. Live sang it and stayed on pitch, in tune, and in her range. She didn't get super winded and proved without equivocation that she's massively talented.

Gaga has been on the "No Makeup" Bandwagon (also known as the thing I do nearly every day) but obviously stage makeup for the Super Bowl. But this was totally understated by her standards and she even got further minimal as it went along. Her hair was styled but not anything like what she's done in the past.

Her body was just the realest. And since she pretty much has my body (except I want her skin and, let's face it, her boobs) it was nice to see it all out there. Thin with a couple of tummy rolls and thick thighs... yeah. She even had backup dude carrying her around, she's just hanging out there. Not a Spanx in sight.

And EVEN THOUGH some of the technical aspects made me sad in a really real way (that wire work was terrrrrrrible you guys) let me reiterate:
-She was talented and understated (for her, anyway)
-She was clothed and for the most part not provocative. She was evocative.
-She was a REAL human being playing a role, not a role playing a human being as I've called her in the past.
-She was not inappropriate, she was not divisive. She made Art, and even if it was palatable Art, for a minute we could all breathe and look around and say "wow... look at that."

Let's just not get me started about the Falcons though. This isn't that kind of blog. *anger, rage*
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